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lol so far i have a very random deviation list so check it out if you want if not its no big


these are alot of pics and stuff i found awesome XD nuff said


ugh, i hate that DA still doesn't have a mobile version...and these changes feel sooo weird
Chapter 1:

"So how long has it been?"

Noel looked at his master confused. "what do you mean?" He replied. "How long has it been since Olia moved in with you?" The question wrung around in his head. Noel paused briefly and uneasily answered fearing any following questions. "Three months ... Why do you ask?" He slowly muttered. "Oh don't mind me, I was just wondering how your developments been. I know the both of you fight well together, especially since you both have almost complementary tactics, but I was wondering how you feel about her individually with that aside?"

Noel had dreaded the question  yet even so he couldn't help but feel shocked at the very idea. "W-well I think she's a very fine girl...very beautiful..if that answers your question. Now shouldn't we get back to training?" He nervously spoke.

"In a moment. Now Noel you do realize that even you can have a date to the festival. It's not like we expect you to purely stand around and provide all the light works, although you and I are the only ones able to use this spell." Noel listened carefully to his master and nodded. "now back to training as you insisted earlier"

Master Leon slowly raised his arms up as if to grab some object in front of him. He calmly closed his eyes briefly as his palms began to glow brightly. Noel watched carefully but doubtful.
"Master are you sure I'll be able to do this spell? I mean I haven't been able to do a single spell at all?"Noel looked down shamefully after admitting his inability to use magic. Leon only smiled at his young apprentice. " Cheer up. You can do it, I know you can. Anyway you've done it once already without any instruction at all." The wise master reassured his student. Noel slowly took a deep breath. "Are you ready?" Noel closed his eyes trying to let go of all his doubt. "Think of something that makes you happy, something calming yet fills you with Olia". "Ok...Wait? What!?" Noel opened one of his eyes and glared at his snickering teacher. "That's not funny master.." He shrewdly muttered. Noel stopped to clear his head, then slowly refocused. "Ok I got it.."he muttered to himself. Leon watched his student with a large grin. Noel still kept his eyes closed too afraid to glimpse at his failure. "you're doing much better than expected". Noel opened his eyes immediately to see what his master meant. To his surprise he had created two large balls of light that floated freely in the palms of his hand. "very nice, unfortunately we want to make little flares of light and make them dance around under our control. " Master Leon still smiled. "well that's enough for today anyway. We can continue this tomorrow. Now before Len and Cade drag you off on another adventure, I want you to sit down and have a quick drink as celebration to your first spell." Leon grabbed a Gourd from his bag and tossed it to Noel, then grabbed a gourd for himself. "It's red cactus juice from Lady Mera. It's much more potent than the usual cactus juice you're probably used to, but whatever she adds to it, gives it a rather rejuvenating feeling." Noel chuckled to himself. "Has she not shown you how to make it yet?" He asked with a slight laugh. Leon stared at his student with a puzzled look. "Wait, are you telling me she taught you how to make red cactus juice?" Noel nodded and added "she also taught me how to cook and how to make 15 other potions." Master Leon laughed, Mera and Leon had been old friends yet she rarely taught him anything, in fact she rarely taught anyone anything for that matter.

Minutes later a loud booming sound echoed in the distance. Both Noel and Leon starred in it's direction. "That must be Len... I guess I'll let you get going Noel."   Leon smiled and made a shooing gesture with his hands. Noel grabbed his bag and waved at his teacher. "Thank you master. I'll see you tomorrow for training." Noel spoke as he ran down the trail. Leon laughed as he thought of all the previous little adventures Noel and his friends had gotten into. "What a curious bunch they are...any who, it seems Kain may lose this bet. It would seem He does love the girl. Heh.."

Len yelled out a chant and waited eagerly to see what would happen. He looked around in anticipation yet nothing seemed to happen. His excitement slowly died. "Len maybe you're not doing it right?" Cade spoke sharing Len's disappointment. "hmmm maybe you're right". Len paused then tried again, but this time raising his staff in the air. Still nothing happened. Discouraged Len tried a final time. Still no results. Moments later they saw Noel sprinting, panting, and panicking. "I almost got struck by lightning three times while trying to get here.! It was ridiculous!" He complained. Len and Cade just looked at each other then back at Noel. Noels face filled with disappointment and irritation. "let me guess, that was you practicing magic again wasn't it Len.." Noel spoke in an annoyed fashion. Len and Cade only bursted into laughter. Noel only stared at his friends. "Almost kill me yet all you do is laugh...You know what, No food for both of you tonight!" Cades expression suddenly shifted. "Buh, w-What did I do?!" He whined. "Neither of you apologized so therefore no food for you. Tough luck too, tonight I was going to make stew." Noel then began to walk in the direction of his house as Len and Cade perused him trying to regain their dinner.

Noels house was located in the Dekarian fields just outside of the grand city of Dekaria. The fields stretched for miles and ended with at the basin of Forests of Asana. Dekaria itself was the largest city on the island. It was famous for it's vast wealth and knowledge. Amongst all it seemed to be one of the oldest cities to survive. It maintains itself by instilling it's trust in the guidance of it's council of elders. Each elder is deemed the head of a section of the city's concerns, be it trade or security. The council rarely changes as it is rare any members have fallen or resigned. The oldest members to date were Mistress Mera, and Grand Master Leon...

Olia greeted Noel with a warm smile as he entered the door. She had been shuffling around the house reading passages from books scattered around the room. Noel smiled as she walked past him. "So what are you studying today" he asked while walking to the kitchen to begin cooking. "The city history, Destructive force of dark magics, Native monsters of the island, and a new spell." she answered as she paced to the next book. Cade and Len stood in the doorway watching Noel and Olia in their activities.  Noel reluctantly demanded they come in while cutting potatoes. "Are we still not having dinner tonight" Cade whimpered. Noel paused before answering. "I'll think about whether or not to feed you" Noel  said with a grin. Olia chuckled at His response. "Of course you can eat..."Olia said cheerfully. "Well if they eat, then they have to help clean and set the table." Noel replied as he dumped the rest of his ingredients into a pot. Afterwards he began cleaning up and instructing his friends what to do.

The hours passed as Noels stew finished cooking. Cade and Len sat in a chair drinking cactus juice and making jokes with Noel. While Olia, still studying, sat at the table with a bottle of cactus juice at her side. Suddenly a knocking at the door disturbed them. Noel ran to the door impulsively to see who it was.
A lady in her mid thirties stood outside the door clutching a large bag. She had blond hair that came down to her neck with red streaks at the tips. She also wore a highly decorated patch over her right eye.

"Are you going to stand there child or let me in!?" The lady Spat. "How many times are you going to change your hair color? Anyhow I don't think that potion is very good for you?." Noel said while moving out of the way. "I'll be fine, anyway you're one to talk, you completely changed your hair type." Noel laughed "Mistress I didn't do it on purpose and you know that... So what do I owe to receive your fine company" Noel said with a smile. "I came to see your long black bangs and yellow eyes. No actually I came to deliver these scrolls from your ever so boring master." Mera tossed her bag on the floor then looked at Noels stew. "would you like some?" Noel offered with a smile. "No thank you child, But thank you for the offer. Now I must be going." she said as she turned to leave. Noel quickly grabbed a bowl Of stew and handed it to her before she could leave. "Mistress, please take it for the road home. But first taste a little and tell me if it's good. " He insisted. Mera ate a single spoonful then paused. "You are my student, but you have a long ways to go.." She said with a smile as she left. Noels face lit up. "that's the best I've done yet!" he cheered. Cade curiously sipped a spoon full of his stew then looked at Noel' "This tastes amazing!" He cheered as everyone laughed. "Thanks Cade, now everyone let's eat" Noel said as he passed bowls to everyone.

That night, long after Cade and Len left, Noel recorded his thoughts in his journal.
"Time moves ever so quickly. I don't know the right words to say or even the right things to do. My master even can see I like her. My friends have known since day one. Is it really obvious or...what should I do?"

"What are you doing Noel?" Olia peered over his shoulder as he finished writing. "I do wish you wouldn't do that. It makes me incredibly nervous." Noel calmly responded. "Oh come now, that's what's fun about doing it. Anyway, how was your training?" She asked. "You truly are evil aren't you" Noel joked, "Training was surprisingly good." Olia began to walk into another room. "That's good, so what did you learn exactly?" Noel smiled. "I can't tell you. You will have to wait like everyone else." He said with a slight laugh. "Well then you will have to wait to see the dress I got." She replied poking her head around the corner. "Aww... Well it's bad luck anyway." He joked. "How is it bad luck?" she curiously asked. Noel hadn't realized what he had been saying. He began to feel uneasy and nervous. "um nothing, nothing at all.. Now I think I'm going outside to look at the moon."

Noel quickly ran outside in embarrassment while mentally scolding himself. Meanwhile Olia reentered the room, noticing Noels journal wide open. "I wonder what he meant by that." she looked at the last written sentence he wrote, then carefully shut the book and replaced it in it's proper spot. She smiled then said to herself "He's hopeless..."

Everlight Chapter 2:

Raahh! "calm down Noel. It's not that important" Len tried to calm him."But what if I screw up? What if she says no? What do I do then?" Noel panicked. "Then you gave it your all. Now calm down and hurry up, we don't have all day for you to put your robe on!" Cade spoke while putting the finishing touches on his outfit. "B-but...Rahh! I'm soo nervous.."Noel started to speak but Cade interjected "Here just drink some cactus juice to loosen up". He tossed a small gourd to His friend. Without any hesitation Noel chugged the bottle in only a matter of seconds. " By the gods,  you are way too nervous" Cade joked. "So how do I look" Len said as he fastened the his belt. His hair had been Flattened into smooth spikes. His outfit was simple and rather casual for the event.  Noel looked for a brief moment. "You look fine aside from your grey eyes" He joked. "Heh, coming from you bumble bee. Black hair and yellow eyes. Your tan skin already makes you stand out as is" Cade joked back as he looked in the mirror. His flat brown hair drooped over one of his bright blue eyes. He looked at his black vest and tie. "hmm..a bit over the top, maybe?" He questioned himself. "You look fine. So who are you taking?" Noel asked as he buttoned the top of his robe. "You'll see" Cade said with a laugh. "Oh come on, we are your best friends" Noel whined. "And as my best friends you can accept my privacy" Cade laughed. "Oh..ok..." Noel mumbled  without any further questioning. "So it looks like we are all ready?" Len asked. "yup" Cade answered. "Ok so let's get everything planned out. I'm going to go ask Olia to dance with me, where are the both of you going?" Noel asked. "I'm going to help Cade for a little while. Then I'll probably go dance." Len answered. "Ok so where should we all meet up?" Noel said as he opened to door of his house. "Hmmm... By the white rose bush. I think that would be the easiest place to find us." Cade answered as they all stepped out of the building. "Ok got it!" Noel concluded.

As they walked Noel began to think back to a conversation he had with Olia weeks prior to the event. His mind wandered deeper with every passing step eventually replaying the memory. "So what is the festival of lights?" Asked Olia as she swung a wooden blade at Noel. "Huh? It's just a big event we hold in honor of the celestial lights?" Noel answered as he deflected her attack. "Then why is it so important?" Noel stopped to think for a second before answering. " I guess it's important because it lifts everyone's spirits and it's kinda like a tradition." he answered. "hmm I see, so what do you do at the festival?" Olia asked as she tapped Noel on the head with her wooden sword. "Ow, heh  there's games, fireworks, and a big dance. I generally enjoy it, but it's kinda boring if you're not dancing" He concluded. "Well then, I can't wait to see it." Olia concluded as she knocked Noels legs causing him to fall, then pointed her blade at him. "Cold as ever" He joked while getting up.

As the boys arrived at the heart of the festival they couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by all the people. They stopped to look around momentarily to mentally map the ongoing activities. Noel began to search for Olia but was dragged away by his master to aid in some mis-happening. Cade and Len stood in laughter until Cade ran in search of a special girl as Len followed. "What does she look like?!" Len yelled but Cade seemed to miss it. Len yelled again but no answer. As Cade moved deeper in search, Len faded deeper into the crowd until he was completely separated. After taking a few minutes to search for his friends he decided to watch the ongoing tournament. To his surprise he found Noel participating. He laughed as his friend unwillingly fought.

Meanwhile Cade ran through the crowd. "Where is she?" He thought to himself. He stopped briefly to search as a hand patted his shoulder. He turned around to see a short tan girl with snow white hair and violet eyes. "Olia? Wait, where's Noel?" She didn't answer instead she grabbed his hands, then dragged him to a girl with maroon hair, blue eyes, and a ruby dress. "Thank me later Val " Olia said as she walked off leaving Cade with the girl. The girl giggled then grabbed Cades hands. "Come on" she said with a smile. Cade smiled back and let her take over.

Elsewhere Noel had survived seven matches with his wooden sword. His opponents had been students from other temples all wishing to show that their masters and teachers were the best in the city. Noel unfortunately was forced into the tournament because he had been the student of Grandmaster Leon himself. Noel had achieved this not by showing great skill in anything but rather by his lack of skill. Noel had always been mediocre in his swordplay but truly lacking in every magical skill there was. In fact he had been known as the boy without magic until Leon took him in under his apprenticeship. Now Noel had put all his skills to the test after facing top students who had mastery in many different varieties of spells. "I stand no chance right now" he told himself but look back at his master who nodded at him with pride and confidence. "Even so I can't give up.." He looked at his opponent who had rather large muscles for his age. He looked at his own weak arms. "What potion has this kid been drinking? " Noel joked to mask his own self doubt. "Come on Noel you can do it!" He looked up to see his best friend cheering for him. "Heh, Easy for you to say Len" He yelled back. "Alright enough talk. I can do this, I know I can!" Noel said to himself then charged at his opponent at full speed. The boy raised his wooden axe in preparation. Noel watched carefully as his weight shifted. As Noel entered range of the boys attack he slid right avoiding the attack, then knocked the boys foot causing him to trip. Instantly Noel pointed his blade at the fallen boy awarding him another victory. Afterwards Noel held out his hand and assisted the boy up. Leon watched his student and smiled at his good sportsmanship.

"How long are you going to stand there Len?" Len looked over his shoulder to see a girl with long blond hair in a white dress. "Hey, somehow Noel got himself into the tournament." he said chuckling. "That's a shame, so you've been over here cheering him on?" She asked. "Yeah, unless you want to dance?" he replied smiling. "No, this is fine" She said as she grabbed his hand and watched the next match start. Olia walk towards the couple. "Hey was Noel looking for me" she asked causing Len laughed. "Yup, but somehow he was forced into the tournament." Immediately She moved closer in to watch.

Noel had been struggling in his new match. His new opponent was a mageling who used ranged spells to keep him at a distance. Noel dodged and evaded the spells but failed to get close enough to strike. "Get in there and take him down!" cheered Olia. Noel looked out at the crowd to see her but was struck back by lightning. "Raah! I've had it" Noel yelled then charged. His effort was in vain though, as he was pushed back again. Noel tried a final time dodging all incomming bolts. Once within range  he jumped into the air and pounced the mageling, then held his blade in the air ready to strike. He waited a second to be crowned winner of the match before getting off the boy and helping him to his feet. "Great fight" he said holding his hand out. Leon clapped proudly and called his student over. " You've made me proud as a teacher, and you've proved your temple to be worthy and honorable. So even if lose this match, you will still have brought honor to my teachings." he smiled. "Thank you master, but I still plan to give this my all" Noel said mustering all his confidence. "That's the spirit! Now do your best!" Master Leon cheered as his student ran back into battle.

An hour passed as the final battle dragged on eventually ending in Noel's victory. He slowly regrouped with his friends after the match. "Woohoo!! It's the victorious failure Noel!!" Len joked as he approached. "heh, I don't plan on doing that again" Noel joked back. "Well congratulations" Olia said giving Noel a hug. "Well um, I wanted to ask you something earlier before I got caught up fighting in the tournament...would you like to dance with me?" He asked using the remains of his confidence and courage. "No...I would love to dance with you" She answered with a mischievous grin. Noel looked at her astonished by her answer. "You truly love torturing me don't you" He spoke as Olia slowly dragged him off. "Heh, looks like nothing could go wrong" Len said watching his friend being dragged off. "huh, I wonder who Cade was looking for..?" He said to himself. "You'll see soon enough. But I think we should find a good place to watch the lights, it's almost sundown." Len's date said tugging his arm gently. "Yeah I guess so"

The water sparkled in the sunset as it slowly whirled around Cades palm. "That's soo beautiful!" Cade smiled at the impressed girl. "It's just kinda natural. I never had to practice or even think about it. I just do it." he replied shrugging his shoulders. "Even so, it's quite beautiful."Cade looked at her for a few seconds. "How about a dance?" He said holding his hand out. The maroon haired girl smiled as she grabbed it. Cade gracefully twirled the girl as water droplets condensed in midair sparkling around her. He smiled at her beauty. "I'm glad you're here with me" She said gently to him. "I'm glad too." The couple danced slowly until the first fireworks bursted in the sky. They watched eagerly as the crackle of more flares bursted in the late twilight. Suddenly multicolored flares danced around from a small hill behind them. Cade turned around to see Noel and Olia dancing in a small shrine. Cade smiled at his friends happiness. He watched as with each movement flares would dance around them until it spun out into the sky dancing freely. "They make a nice couple don't you think" asked Cades date. "Yeah" he replied as he watched the two finally kiss, sending flares all around dancing elegantly and freely in the open skies. Cade turned to his date. "Wait di..." He started to speak but was shushed as the girl kissed him.

Leon laughed as he watched his students in love. "hah looks like you owe me Kain" He said holding  holding his hand out. The fellow teacher looked at him in annoyance as he reached into his pocket grabbing a small bag of coins. "Fine..." Kain said reluctantly as he started to move towards one of the drink stands. Suddenly a messenger sprinted to the masters. " Grandmaster! Grandmaster! We have a situation!" he cried. "What is it?!" Leon asked in a stern yet worried tone. "Follow me!" The messenger demanded. Leon and Kain looked at each other as if to signal something, then followed the messenger.

After walking deep into the Asarian forests the teachers discover a horrific sight. "How did you discover this?" Leon said as he investigated the surroundings. "A small group of villagers informed one of the units" Leon looked back to the messenger. "How many were dispatched to assist the situation?" Leon said as he brushed through a patch of shrubbery. "Why would it matter?" Kain quickly interjected . Leon silently signaled him to look past a small bush. The master gawked at the sight. "By the gods, how did this happen..?" Leon stood silently in thought. "Bring me Mera..." He commanded . Instantly the messenger sprinted towards town. The masters stared silently at the stoney corpses of villagers and guards. "What could have done this...?"
Tick tock tick tock... The clock moves ever so painfully slow. Naio sits in his chair squirming impatiently.

"Calm down Nai" Alma said cheerfully.

" I'm sorry, I'm just soo excited"

" We all are. It's the last day of classes" Greta impatiently spat

" I know, but you still have 3 hours left." Alma tried to calm him.

"Don't remind me" Naio joked.

"Hey both of you shush. I don't want a detention on the last day of school". Alma and Naio stopped talking. Greta's words had begun to make them think about how horrible it would be to have a detention.

"So class over the next 4 months I would like you to read the other version of the story, and compares the two author's outlooks on the Characters. And yes this is homework..." the room filled with whining and complaining. The assignment hadn't seemed like much. Naio looked at both the book covers. He stared at the image of a Mage and a great crystal on the cover of one book, then turned to the other book. The covers had seemed to have been drawn by the same artists. Naio looked closer, he began to notice the same signature on both covers.

"Both these books have the same cover artists" Naio blurted aloud.

"Well Naio if you would pay attention you'd have also noticed that they have similar titles and that they are based around the same characters" The teacher replied annoyed and frustrated from all the other repeated questions he had to deal with.

Naio smiled nervously. He tried to focus in on the teachers' conversation but he was just too hyper. He looked behind himself to see what his friend Alma was doing.  He watched as she opened the new book and fingered through the pages.

Naio had always been astonished at how fast Alma could read. He admired her ability to read so fast and still understand every sentience she read. He himself was a slow reader who often would re-read passages to further understand them or skim through pages to avoid falling behind.

Alma soon stopped reading and looked at Naio. "Naio, what summer vacation plans do you have?" she muttered quietly

" I don't know. I think I'll find something to do though. Why do you ask? Do you wana hang out or something?" he spoke with a bit of a smile and seemed to joke when he asked her questions.

"Maybe we can hang out, if you don't already have plans" she replied. Naio only laughed a little.

"I just told you I'm free so don't worry. My schedule is completely empty." he said with a smile.

"Hey, can you two get a room" Kai joked.

"Hey, cool it Kai." Vin calmly spoke.

"Hey I'm just kidding" Kai defended himself.

"Well Kai, you need to grow up." Greta spat animatedly.

"It's ok, it's ok, and he's only joking. Let's not kill him over it" Naio spoke trying to calm everyone.  Moments later the bell rang indicating that class was over and that passing period had begun.

Naio grabbed the strap of his bag and threw it over his shoulder. He then slid everything from his small desk into the bag.

"So time for study hall, right Nai." Vin spoke putting his arm around his shoulder.

"Ya know, after this no more study hall. Damn I'm gonna miss that class. Especially since Mr. Kingsly lets us do whatever we wanted" He said with a smile.

"Yeah. Hey remember that time he let us all hang out on the roof of the school" Vin reminisced letting his mind replay the event.

"Yes! I remember tough guy Tony got sick from the heights and threw up." Greta and Alma listened to the conversation curiously.

"Tough guy Tony?" Greta asked

" He's a jerk. He was part of the charger team. You know, the dumb sport everyone goes nuts about."

"Yeah I know what the Charger team is"

"Sorry. Well basically he has the team captain but he was terrified of heights. He also used to give Bengi swirlies, but last week his plan backfired" Naio spoke with a smirk.

"What did you do?" Greta reluctantly asked.

"Well let's just say he won't be at this school anymore" Vin said with a mysterious expression.

"We used magic and made him confess of camera. Then we showed it to the principle." Naio spoke proudly and quickly.

"C'mon, joy kill much" Vin joked.
Greta chuckled a little. She watched the both of them tell stories of their little misadventures in school. Alma watched silently with a small little smile on her face.

"Hey shouldn't we get to class?" Kai suggested.

"Yeah Alma and I should probably head to Alch class." Greta agreed

"See you guys after school" Alma said while being dragged away by Greta.

"Hey don't forget we are goin to the boardwalk today" Vin reminded them as they left for class.  The girls turned around and waved to acknowledge that they heard him.

"So Nai,, You and Alma." Kai teased.

"Come on you don't think she's interested" Naio spoke with doubt.

"I don't know Nai. She looked pretty into you" Vin assured him.

"Hmmm maybe I'll ask her at the boardwalk later. I don't know..." He said to humor them, and then began pondering whether to do so or not.

"Hey Nai. We should go now" Kai said urgently after looking at the time.

"y-yeah" Naio stopped pondering and began walking out of the room with his two best friends. They walked down the hallways and stairs and stopped outside the library to say goodbye to Kai.

"Hey see you after school" Naio said as he bid farewell. Both He and Vin waved goodbye to their friend and entered the room. Upon entering the room they were greeted by a friendly face.

"Hey boys. About time you got here. Today we are celebrating class on the rooftop" Mr. Kingsly informed them. He had an acoustic guitar slung around his shoulder. Naio stared at the guitar excitedly, while Vin made his way to the door.

"Come on Nai! Hurry up" He called. Naio looked at him confused.

"W-when did you get over there?" He hopelessly asked.

"Dude your hopeless. Now come on! " Vin called as Naio ran to catch up. They both ran down the hall and up a large stair case. Once at the top they opened the door leading outside to reveal the rest of the class. They stepped outside slowly as a cool breeze brushed by them.  

"Hey guys, what's up" Tera said in her usual gloomy way.  

"Nutin much." Naio answered while enjoying the breeze. It exhilarated and rejuvenated him. He stood still momentarily enjoying everything before moving to lean against the barricades and railing. Vin sat on top the barricade with his leg dangling above the ground.

"Yo, Nai. Can you believe today's the last day" Vin asked deep in thought.

"Honestly, it seems odd" he answered

"Yeah... " Vin stopped talking. His thoughts grew thick. Naio looked at him briefly, wondering what his thoughts were. Suddenly to door shot open as Mr. Kingsly rejoined the class.

"So last day. How does everyone feel" He said happily.

"Like existence is meaningless" Tera said.

"Excited" a random girl said.

"Frikin Awesome!" one of the charger players yelled.

"Tired" Naio said with a smile.

"Ok..." Vin spoke still deep in thought. The rest of class gave typical answers. Naio wondered more about his friends thoughts.

"Well since it's the last day I figured we'd just hang out up here. I brought my guitar in case anyone wanted to hear some tunes?" Mr. Kingsly said while slipping the guitar from around his shoulder. The whole class broke into conversation soon after, while he sat playing the guitar with a group of admiring students.

Naio looked at the sky. He watched the clouds slowly drag through the sky with a single care.

"Hey Nai? Why so quiet" Vin joked

"W-what! You're the one who's all quiet." he replied sarcastically.

"Heh, so who's buying the ice cream later." Vin asked with a smirk on his face.

"You're kidding..." Naio said annoyed.

"C'mon." Vin tried to persuade him

Naio sighed, think about how much it would cost him. "Alright... But next time you're buying" he reluctantly said.

Vin laughed. "Ok fine with me". He said smiling like a little kid.  
"So what flavor should I buy" Naio sighed.

"Sherbert! Orange sherbert!" Vin excitedly yelled at him.

"Ok, ok. But if no one likes it I'm saying it's your fault." Naio concluded

"heh heh, don't worry" Vin said in a joking manner.

The class moved by fast. The hours of class had come and gone too quickly that no one realized it. School had officially ended for summer vacation. The bells wrung all around the building. Even on the roof the bells could be heard.

"Well class that's the end. Go have fun. Oh and if you guys ever need me, I'll be in the library. Now get out of here" Mr. Kingsly dismissed the class.

Naio and Vin celebrated. They ran through the school victoriously as they searched for Kai. They had survived the school year and deemed that worthy of being called a victory. Once they found Kai they would pick up the ice cream and join everyone else at the boardwalk.

"What are you guys doing" Kai joked as he watched Naio and Vin run right past him. They both turned around surprised and dumb struck.

Naio laughed then said "We were looking for you".

"Well now that we found him let's not keep the girls waiting" Vin rushed. He then ran to the main entrance of the school. Naio and Kai followed closely behind.

"Why the rush Vin?" Kai asked clueless.

"Don't worry about it" Naio joked. They laughed a little and exited slowly. He pulled out his phone to check his messages. He had only one message from Alma. "See you at the boardwalk". Naio read the message and smiled. Alma had never sent messages during school, so to receive one meant something. He looked at the sky momentarily and enjoyed everything around him. Today had seemed like the best day of his life...

Chapter 1: Gohsts on the boardwalk

The sun held high in the sky. The boys entered the ice cream store and exited minutes later with a small plastic bag.

"Kai your good at ice magic right" Naio asked.

"Not really" he answered.

"Damnit. I was hopeing you could carry the bag. I guess I'll have to do it then" Naio replied then said a quick incantation to keep the ice cream cold.

Vin listened closely to his incantation. " Where did you learn that spell?"  

"I read it in a book" Naio answered

" Im suprised. I didn't think you studied" Vin teased.

"I only get bad grades because I don't do homework. My test scores were pretty high" Naio spoke in an anoyed fashion. Secounds later the 3 started walking again. Their destination was only a few blocks away from the ice cream store and only a few blocks away from the school.

Naio's mind was restless. He kept thinking weather to ask Alma or not. His exspress became more sirious as he pondered longer and longer.

"Hey Nai, you ok?" Vin asked. Naio didn't respond. His thoughts were too deep that he hadn't realized someone was talking to him.

"Nai? Nai? Naio! " Kai repeated but no answer.

"Red eyes! Snap out of it" Vin yelled. Naio shook his thoughts away. He looked at his friends.

"Its about time.  Dude you are dense at times... So what's on your mind?" Vin continued

"I-Its nothing..." He answered still in thought

"Well it dosent seem like nothing". Naio didn't answer. His hand and the bag were covered in a mild frost. Vin staired at it knowing it to be a sign that his thoughts were too deep.

Minutes passed as they all strolled to the boardwalk. Alma sat on a bench watching them while Greta stood impatiently.

" Eh, you guys took your sweet time" Greta said as they aproached.

"Well we picked up ice cream" Vin said with a wide smile.

"Well, your still late" Greta spat.

"Cmon Gret. Calm down" Vin coaxed her.

"So what type of ice cream did you get?" she curiously asked.

"I'd show you but MR. Oblivious over there has the bag." Vin pointed at Naio , who had still been hopelessly deep in thought. Alma gently walked toasted him and grabbed the frozen bag. Naio focused on her movements. His ice began to fade soon after. His thoughts began to halt.

"I see you've returned to the world of the living" Vin joked as he looked at Naio's blank expression.

"S-sorry just had a thought, that just wouldn't go away" He smiled.

"Well let's eat. I'm sure these things should be frozen still, Especially after Nai freezing the entire bag...Amongst other things" Vin spoke sarcastically but still in a friendly way, while only mumbling the end.

"How bout you just eat the ice cream and quit hassling me" Naio joked.

"Aww but that just kills all the fun." Kai joked back.

"Oh, shut up" Naio joked while unwrapping the thin wax paper wrapping.
so the summer has come and i can honestly say that school is far from over for me. lol yeah i took a summer semester :3 . unfortunately that means that my inconsistency streak wont end (Oddly enough i'm more active during the school year rather than summer). That doesn't mean im not making art and that i don't want to chat or anything, its just that you may need to email, skype, or message me on steam. (i get all messages from those sent strait to my phone). Honestly I wish Deviantart had a really good phone app so that i could run some of the chats in coatrooms easier and receive notifications for each new post or reply i get. In any case ill be trying my hardest to at least try to be more active.  Well i think that's all for now, Thank you.


*note: OH hey i forgot to add my tumblr. Its Saphnick on tumblr. I have like 3 or 4 different names on there all linked to each other. Chick it out if you want. I post mostly sketches under my art account so be weary.* 


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
:iconnyanprincess: is my real life little sister so nobody mess with her >:/

Well its about time i finally updated this, its mostly been the same for 2(almost 3) years. Im Nickalos Wright, If you ask me anything ill give you my honest response and I give honest information about myself. Trust me or not that's for you to decide (but ill trust in you and respect your freedom of choice ^w^). Im out spoken about certain things but i like to be considerate of others. I hate hassling, or bothering others and I tend to be shy if i admire someone (Both in real life and on here). I love meeting new people and making new friends (and even on here if I feel close enough to someone I consider them one of my legitimate friends ).

As always im filled up to the brim with projects and am thinking about doing commissions...
COMMISSIONS....SURE (note me, depending what it is ill negotiate a price)

Current Residence: Omaha NE
Favourite genre of music: alternative,metal,rock
Favourite style of art: manga
Operating System: windows 7 and vista
Skin of choice: mine :3 (mocha?)
Personal Quote: Every life has a choice, Every choice is a path...

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